Prevention Services

Helping parents with appropriate in-home supports with services such as Support/Respite Worker, parent aids, homemakers, intervener services, counseling, etc.

Support Workers are valuable team members recruited to work with families and children associated with Awasis Agency. Awasis Agency provides support and assistance to families who are experiencing difficulties.

Homemaker/Parent Aide Services, support workers may be called upon to assist parents in developing safe/healthy-parenting practices. Homemaker services may include assisting with house duties such as cleaning, laundry, cooking or shopping for the family.

Respite Workers provide respite to foster parents. Promotes, encourages and ensures safety of the client, remains responsive to the clients needs at all times. May escort client into community to attend activity appropriate to the client.

Who can apply for Support/Respite/Intervener and Homemaker services?

Adults 18 years of age and over. Support workers are service providers and are NOT employees of the Awasis Agency.

Awasis Agency requires that all support worker applicants must:
  • Complete application form
  • Provide 4 character references
  • Consent to Criminal Name Check
  • Consent to Child Abuse Registry and Prior Contact Checks
  • Sign a consent for Release of Information form
  • Sign an Oath of Confidentiality

Where to apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Support Worker for Awasis Agency, you may contact your local Awasis office or the offices in Thompson or Winnipeg.