Protection Services

These types of services include conducting child investigation on referrals, apprehensions, assessments, planning, counseling and placement of children in care.

Fostering Children in Care:

What is Fostering?
Foster care is providing a temporary, safe, nurturing, stable and loving home for children who have to come into care of Awasis Agency for numerous reasons.

Foster care is accepting a child as part of your family.

Who can Foster?
Couples or single people with or without children can apply to become licensed foster families.

How do you become a Foster Parent?
In order to become a foster parent for Awasis Agency there are some prerequisites. We are looking for people who have the desire and patience to care for and nurture a child or children who need to be placed in a loving, caring home.

Awasis Agency requires foster parent applicants to complete the following:
  • Application for a License to Operate and Maintain a Children's Foster Home
  • Notice of Agreement to Provide Foster Placement
  • Consent to medicals
  • Foster Parent Application Form
  • Provide four character references
  • Consent to a Criminal Name Check
  • Consent to Child Abuse Registry and Prior Contact Checks
  • Sign Oath of Confidentiality

*All foster home applicants are subject to a physical home inspection*

Once all checks and references have been confirmed, a home study will be conducted on your family. If your home is successful in meeting all the licensing requirements, a foster home license will be issued.